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TRACES at “Museums as Cultural Hubs”

May 27 - May 31

13th International Summer School of Museology:
“MUSEUMS AS CULTURAL HUBS – the future of tradition”
27-31 May 2019


Organised by: 
Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska & Forum of Slavic Cultures & ICOM Slovenia & Centre for Creativity, Museum of Architecture and Design

Partners: Koper Regional Museum & Maritime museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran


Alenka Pirman will participate to the meeting presenting TRACES.

The topic of the 13th International Summers School of Museology focuses on the theme of the International Museum day 2019, as defined by ICOM, tackling the new roles of the museums as active actors in their communities – “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition”.

The role of museums in society is changing. Museums keep reinventing themselves in their quest for becoming more interactive, audience focused, community oriented, flexible, adaptable and mobile. They have become cultural hubs functioning as platforms where creativity combines with knowledge and where visitors can also co-create, share and interact.

While preserving their primary missions – collecting, conservation, communication, research, exhibition – museums have transformed their practices to remain closer to the communities they serve. Today they look for innovative ways to tackle contemporary social issues and conflict. By acting locally, museums can also advocate and mitigate global problems, striving to meet the challenges of today’s society proactively. As institutions at the heart of society, museums have the power to establish dialogue between cultures, to build bridges for a peaceful world and to define a sustainable future.

As museums increasingly grow into their roles as cultural hubs, they are also finding new ways to honour their collections, their histories and their legacies, creating traditions that will have new meaning for future generations and relevance for an increasingly diverse contemporary audience at a global level. This transformation, which will have a profound impact on museum theory and practice, also forces us to rethink the value of museums and to question the ethical boundaries that define the very nature of our work as museum professionals.

At once a focal point for the community and an integral part of a global network, museums offer a platform for translating local communities’ needs and views into a global context.



Programme of the summer school is designed in collaboration with institutions covering different aspects in the field of museology. It is based on the exchange of good practices from European specialists with wide and diverse experience and expertise. These will be offered in the form of lectures, workshops and debates.

Main goal of the summer school is to provide and establish communication and an open debate between museum specialists, educators and students. Participants will have a chance to learn about past and ongoing museum projects and good practices, with a goal of rethinking the purpose of museums, their current role within and relationship with society. Lecturers from six European countries will share their experience, knowledge, views, strategies and thoughts about museums and museology, thus enabling the participants to gain a broader European contemporary perspective on the topic.



Alenka Pirman (ICOM guest; H2020 project TRACES),
Kieran Long (S, topic to be confirmed),
Kaja Širok (Slo; Ex YU museums),
Andreja Rihter (Slo, Cultural routes in Europe),
Darko Babić (Cro; Skills and expertise of museum curators in 2030),
Tanja Rožembergar (Slo; project SWICH),
Neža Čebron Lipovec & Ana Plestenjak (Slo, Revitalisation of the salt warehouses),
Franco Juri (Slo, Sal Nostrum -museological interpretation),
Dušan Medin (Mne, Museums as cultural hubs in Montenegro),
Lidija Milašinović (Sr, Museum as a magnet),
Matevž Čelik (Slo, Role of museums in contemporary cultural politics),
Blaž Peršin(Slo, Investment and EU funds for museums and cultural heritage),
Irena Šinkovec (Slo, Ljubljanica River Exhibition),
Aleksandra Berberih Slana (Slo, topic to be confirmed),
Darko Komšo (Cro, topic to be confirmed),
Kristina Pandža (Cro, The future of industrial past in Rijeka);

Workshop in the Regional Museum Koper with Maša Sakara Sučević and Brigita Jenko – Critical visit and discussion in the museum garden;
Workshop in the Maritime museum in Piran with Duška Žitko and Romana Kačič.


More info at: 

“Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition”

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