TRACES is an independent four-monthly refereed journal, which brings together original, cutting-edge contributions exploring emerging issues in the field of heritage and museum studies. Articles are collected yearly through an open call for papers. An extended selection of writings is available on-line three times a year, as an open access resource, offering a wide and in-depth overview on a common subject. Selected papers are gathered into sixteen-pages thematic signatures, the TRACES fanzine, custom designed and printed offset in a limited edition.

The first issue of the e-journal presents five contributions focuses on European Contentious Heritage.
European cultural heritage is inherently complex and layered. Conflicting or controversial perspectives on different historical memories and experiences have always been colliding in the variegated cultural landscape of Europe. Such contentious heritages are often particularly difficult to convey to a wide public and can impede inclusivity as well as prevent the development of convivial relations. Nevertheless, if transmitted sensitively, they can contribute to a process of ‘reflexive Europeanisation’, in which the European imagination is shaped by self-awareness, on-going critical reflection, and dialogue across different positions.


TRACES #01 | October 2016
European Contentious Cultural Heritage

Michela Bassanelli | New Commemoration Practices of Contested Heritages