The fourth issue of TRACES Journal collects innovative and critical visual researches on the topic of the call “Europe and Heritages in/from the margins”. These contributions offer different interpretations of the concept of “margin” – a buffer, a liminal landscape, a ribbon, a palimpsest – investigated through the works of artists who analysed this kind of space with new forms of cultural meaning and production.


TRACES #04 | December 2017 – January 2018
Performative Margins

1.  Julie Dawson and Razvan Anton | Liminal Portraits: Stories from the Margins

2. Toni Simó Mulet | Cartographies of Affect in the Work of Mona Hatoum

3. Rupert Griffiths | Re-imagining the Margins: The Art of the Urban Fringe

4. Max Stolkin | Stick, Hand, Fathom, Shackle

5. Adnan Softić and Nina Softić | Matter versus Ideas

6. Alice Buoli and Pablo De Soto | From the Strait of Gibraltar to Fukushima: Situated Practices and Future Imaginaries at Contemporary Borderscapes. A Conversation with Pablo DeSoto

7. Enrico Floriddia | History is a Teacher We Ignore while Scrolling Instagram

8. Olga Stefan | The Future of Memory

9. Diana Takutdinova | Ethnic Boundaries in Kyrgyzstan: The Place for Preserving Identity, Sharing Memories and Initiating Conflicts. Case Study: Kurd and Dungan Ethnic Groups

10. Jacopo Leveratto | No Place like Home: Domestication and Public Space Appropriation in Post-Soviet Countries


Suzana Milevska, Cristina F. Colombo | TRACES Fanzine #04 | Snapshots