Download here TRACES fanzine #08 | Insights Issue – Bel Suol d’Amore, a sixteen-pages thematic signatures, custom designed and printed offset in a limited edition.

The eighth issue of TRACES journal faces the themes of postcolonial heritage and memories, with a particular attention to the collection of the Luigi Pigorini Etnographic Museum in Rome and Leone Contini’s exhibition “Bel Suol d’Amore: The Scattered Colonial Body” (Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico “Luigi Pigorini”, 25 June – 09 July 2017). “The museum and the archive, as devices and narratives of colonial origin, are crucial places from which it is possible to interrogate those phantoms that represent a ‘difficult memory’ for Europe”, states Giulia Grechi. Moving from this perspective, Leone Contini created a complex, transmedia installation inside the museum, suspended between the intimacy of family stories and the institutional narrative embedded in the objects of the museum collections.

Critical texts by Leone Contini and Giulia Grechi:

“Bel Suol d’Amore: Research on Subjective Terrain” and “The Scattered Colonial Body” by Leone Contini, excerpts from: Hamm, Marion and Klaus Schönberger (eds). 2019 (forthcoming). Contentious heritages and arts: A critical companion. Klagenfurt: Wieser Verlag.

“Colonial Hauntology” by Giulia Grechi, an excerpt from: Salerno, Daniele and Patrizia Violi. 2019 (forthcoming). Migranti, Archivi, Patrimonio. Memorie pubbliche delle migrazioni. Bologna: Il Mulino.



Download TRACES fanzine #08