Download here TRACES fanzine #09 | Dialogue Issue – Objects, Paths, Stories, a sixteen-pages thematic signatures, custom designed and printed offset in a limited edition.

This issue presents eight stories collected from both current day residents and people with roots in Mediaș related to an object, any object, which they or their family had brought with them to the town or taken with them out of Mediaș, when they emigrated. The texts are excerpts from the oral histories exhibition “…but we brought it back…” : Objects, Paths, Stories which opened at the end of August 2018 at the Casa de lânga Sinagoga in Mediaș. In the exhibition, listening stations were created where the visitor could listen to the interview in its original language or read the translation, which were provided in German, Hungarian, Romanian, and English.

Forward “‘…but we brought it back…’: Objects, Paths, Stories. An oral histories project of the Casa de lânga Sinagoga” by Julie Dawson.



Download here TRACES fanzine #09