This fifth issue of the TRACES Journal is a milestone, marking the midterm of our collaborative research project. It has been conceived as a “beacon”, widening the contributions collected in TRACES Fanzine #05.
From more than a year and half of collaborative research carried out in the context of TRACES, an open list of recurring terms has emerged, highlighting hot spots for research. Within this constellation a few key concepts have been identified as the core of our investigations and research activities. Presented in this issue, these concepts and terms are attributed a tentative and provisional statement of meaning, and thereby set out the theoretical framework for our research activities and the purposes of the project.


Issue #05 | April 2018
A Research Beacon

Erica Lehrer | From ‘Heritage Communities’ to ‘Communities of Implication’

Roma Sendyka | Caduca, or es(cheat)ed heritage

Suzana Milevska | Participatory Art

Marion Hamm | Performativity


Francesca Lanz | TRACES Fanzine #05 | A Research Beacon